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Thank you for attending my garden parties in Fringe 2022!  We enjoyed having you.

If you are interested in catching all the archived interviews please email to purchase a viewing pass.

"A highlight of the festival"
- Brian Ferguson (The Scotsman) 

Who is Daffodil?

A talking tortoise who lives in a beautiful garden. 


This is a Fringe show?

Yes!  Everyday from 7am-7pm BST you can view Daffodil roaming through his garden.  With a Fringe Pass you can see many daily garden chats like Brian's above, lettuce tastings, tortoise-level insider's view of the best and worst of Fringe 2022, and other musings.

Why now?

He has seen it all before.

Having survived a seemingly endless parade of unadjudicated entertainment offerings over the years, Daffodil has decided that his time has come to have his own show. 

Supported and encouraged by arts organizations from around the world, you can join the party yourself and be a producer of our show!

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