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Join the Garden Party!

Daffodil invites you to join the team for his 2022 extravaganza on the Fringe. 

Limited as he is to his walled garden, Daff asks that you support the effort by helping out with the production.  

  • Donate $10.00 and take your place on the wall of Co-Producers.

  • Donate $20.00 and Daff will appoint you as Line-Producer for a particular segment of the run - whatever that means.


  • The Big Cheese — become the Show Runner for a day.  Donate $100 and you can stake your claim to fame for years to come. Seriously, they'll talk about you in the garden for years.

Who says it is hard to produce a show on the Fringe?  You can claim that you did it with a click and a smile.

Let’s be clear — your donation does not actually entitle you to any rights to Daff or the show —

nor will you assume any actual responsibilities.  It’s all more than a bit tongue in cheek.  

Daff is spending every coin he has dug up over the last few decades to bring this project to fruition.  Your contribution will get your name on the website during the Fringe - THAT’S IT -  so make a gift, take that screenshot, and share, share, share!

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